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Need your area rug cleaning? Area rug cleaning starts at $35

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Cleaning an area rug is easier said than done. What do you do? What chemicals can you use? Are they good for synthetic fabrics;  what about natural fabrics? Am I going to ruin my area rug by cleaning it with certain machinery? These are all good questions and something our professionals are trained in when it comes to our area rug service. If you’re looking to have your area rug cleaned and don’t know where to begin – give our professionals a call today! 


Making your area rug look like new again.

The most satisfying compliment we’ve ever received from our clients is how much life we’ve brought back into their area rugs with a thorough cleaning. We aim to help your rugs look like new without the hassle and frustrations of cleaning them yourself! Cleaning an area rug can be a complex process if you aren’t familiar with the materials you’re working with. Take the stress out of the cleaning process and trust us with your decorative assets! We’ll have them looking like new in no time. 

What method do we use for area rug cleaning?

We utilize a comprehensive 5 step process to getting your area rugs looking like new! In order to understand how we’re best going to clean the rug we first have to inspect it. Second, we remove any dry materials with a commercial vacuum. Third, we pre treat the rug with a special formula designed to get out the toughest dirt and grime. Fourth, we agitate the carpet releasing any remaining stains or spills from the carpet. Finally, we clean the carpet utilizing a hot water solution to bring your carpet back to life.

How much do you charge for area rug cleaning?

Our minimum is $70. However, don’t let that stop your from having us service multiple rugs or surface areas! Oftentimes, many of our clients will get us to treat multiple rugs all at once or even a troubling pet stain area on one of their carpet surfaces while we’re there. It’s important that we take the time to let stains “re-surface” while we are there which can usually take a few minutes worth of drying time. We don’t want to leave you dissatisfied, leaving us some time in between cleaning different objects is often the best way to ensure a job well done. 

Can you remove pet stains from my area rug?

Pet stains from area rugs can be a complex process. Especially if there are specialty fibers or the rug is a shag rug! However, we have a great deal of experience working with all kinds of area rugs and yours most definitely will not be a problem. Removing pet stains is a breeze with our specialized chemical formula and our 5 step pet stain removal process! No matter how big to small the stain, no matter what kind of pet, we will find a way to get the stain out of your area rug! Give us a call today and we’ll get started! 

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